Malts & Blends

Single Malt

Single Malt is distilled at an individual distillery and produced only from malted barley. Single Malts may include Whisky from several years’ production. If it is from the same distillery, the age shown on the bottle reflects the length of time the youngest Whisky included in the bottling has matured in an oak cask.

Blended Malt

Vatted, or blended malts, are produced by combining various malt Whiskies from several distilleries. Vatted or blended malts often reflect the distilleries from a particular region, such as Johnnie Walker 15 years (Green Label) and these are labelled pure Malt. They therefore cannot be described as single Malt.

Grain Whisky

Grain Whisky is produced using continues distillation process- Malted, and Un-Malted cereals, which are cooked under steam pressure, are used and the resulting spirit is of a higher strength and therefore matures faster than a malt Whisky.

Blended Whisky

Blended Whisky is created from both single malts and Grain Whisky. Blended Whiskies are the perfect introduction to drinking Whisky.

Deluxe Blend

Deluxe Blend contain a higher percentage of Malt Whiskies and often show an age on the label, as with Single Malts. This age reflects the youngest Whisky in the blend.

Cask Strength

Whisky sold at the strength taken from the cask, normally contains between 50%-70% alcohol per volume.

Single Cask

Single Cask is a Whisky from one cask or barrel. At The Whisky Library you are privileged to try some of the rarest Single Malts from our private collection, which are usually bought from private collectors or purchased at auctions! They are RARE not only because of their age and refinement, but also because some of the distillers no longer operate. Some of these include cask strengths and others may have spent a few decades in a cask.